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7th February 2017
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Sheffield – The home of Synthwave?

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Don your varsity jacket. Grab your Raybans. Style your hair, slip on your fingerless gloves, and let’s rock! It’s time for Sheffield to shine again.. in magenta neon!
Sheffield has played a significant part in forming the synth music scene. With soundscapes reminiscent of the industrial setting from which they came, Sheffield bands like Cabaret Voltaire and Human League have been instrumental in creating musical sub-genres that have influenced every generation since. The ‘electro’ sound we’re now so familiar with, was developed by the pioneering musicians of the late 70s and early 80s and it is intrinsic to Synthwave and its many sub-genres. Through sheer determination, Sheffield based artists were driven to new sound experimentation in a bid to escape the prospect of a humdrum routine existence, a principle carried through from punk.

As a plethora of electro-pop and new wave bands emerged from Sheffield in the 80s, new sounds and styles now synonymous with electronic music have been forged. Years on, and Sheffield has continued to make its mark on the wider music scene, notably also playing a part in the rave and techno scene with Warp records and Gatecrasher. As we take the opportunity to celebrate modern synth music, it makes sense that we acknowledge the legacy Sheffield has left behind, and recognise that this has without doubt contributed to our new favourite scene – synthwave. We cant help feeling that synthwave has a home here in Sheffield.



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