28th October 2018
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RETROWAVER – Team Member Profile

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Hailing from Russia, Mikhail Novak aka RETROWAVER, grew up through the 80s, originally following metal bands of the era such as bands like Slayer, Metallica, Sodom etc.
He discovered synthwave in the middle of 2010’s and quickly became a fan, dedicated listener, guitar player, and a synthwave collector, making it his mission to raise the scene’s profile and deciding to bring synthwave to the people.
This led to interviews with numerous key figures on the synthwave scene including many producers. RETROWAVER’s musical  preference is for action-packed, guitar-driven synthwave (mostly darksynth, horrorsynth, synth metal and so on), but he is also content listening to more serene outrun tunes.
RETROWAVER has helped Steel City Collective considerably by providing valuable industry news and information on upcoming releases and by contributing time to share content for the website, including several interviews with notable artists.