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A bit more info about Steel City Collective


Join us on a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of the neo-80s, a virtual realm of cyberpunk, sports cars and sun-drenched promenades. Come with us to a place of Retrowave, of Outrun. A place that will nurture your most heavenly desires, whilst awakening your most primal Satanic urges. The sound of the future came from the past.
This site aims to celebrate Synthwave music and all its associated sub-genres. We’re passionate about promoting all the amazing talent involved in this burgeoning scene, both in Sheffield and beyond.
Steel City Collective is a team of synthwave fanatics on a mission put the UK (and Sheffield) well and truly on the Synthwave map. If you have a Synthwave night you’re wanting to promote, please get in touch. We encourage everyone to share content and ideas and provide thoughts and feedback.
We’ll be sharing all of our favourite music, artwork, games and merchandise. If you’re also a fellow retro-future-head, please check out our social platforms for more news and content.