Outland Presents: Journeys Into Synthwave

Hours and date:
05/10-2018 at 7:00 PM
Zigfrid von Underbelly 11 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU
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The Outland team return with a special showcase event 'Journeys Into Synthwave', featuring the hottest synthwave and retrowave acts from the UK and Europe.

This is a companion event to Outland’s Sunset Neon Cruise which takes place on London’s Thames River on Saturday 15 September. Any fans attending that synthwave spectacle will be entitled to discounted tickets for Journeys Into Synthwave held at Hoxton’s Zigfrid von Underbelly venue on Friday 5 October.

Journeys Into Synthwave is the perfect showcase for those who know the synthwave genre already, but also for those who have yet to discover the highly influential aesthetic of synthwave and retrowave music and art.

Both new and classic Synthwave music will be played by DJ’s all evening, with live instrumentalised synthwave being performed by:

This French act is a true pioneer of the French (and indeed worldwide) synthwave scene, going way back to 2009. In 2016 his album Miami Calling was classified in the 10 best albums of the year by NewRetroWave. His collaborations with FM-84's Ollie Wride, Paradise Walk, Daria Danatelli and Michael Oakley have produced some of the best synthwave music to this day.

If you're into Gunship, then don't miss the truly wonderful sounds and vocals created by this duo from South Wales. Expect a fully live and instrumental Synthwave assault. Whilst staying true to the 1980’s hits that they grew up with - they hope to help bring the Synth Pop movement back into the modern day light.

Based in London, New Arcades continually put the capital on the synthwave map with both their studio output and their live shows. NewRetroWave love them too and since appearances at both the Dana Jean Phoenix show earlier this year and Outland Glasgow 2018 most recently, they are primed to reinforce the consensus of being the busiest synthwave act in the UK. New Arcades have been featured on films such as Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong and A Light Beneath Their Feet as well as having airplay on various U.K and U.S. radio stations. They have a played a variety of live shows around the U.K including a live session for BBC Radio. They have remixed artists such as Goldroom and Kyla La Grange and have worked with other electronic artists such as Futurecop!, Lula, Timecop1983and NINA.
Outland Presents: Journeys Into Synthwave
05/10Zigfrid von Underbelly