Outrun Antwerp presents: Lazerpunk, Neoslave and Carbon Killer

Hours and date:
02/03-2019 at 7:00 PM
JC Den Eglantier Berchem Zillebekelaan 6A, 2600 Berchem, Antwerpen, Belgium
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Ladies and gentlebots! We have brought together an unholy trinity for your airwave receptor pleasure.

In running order we have:

Carbon Killer
Carbon Killer offers a unique French live Synthwave experience. After playing solo for a couple of years he decided it was time to add Théo Bègue (Hypno5e) and Adrien Tisseraud (Taylorythm) to the band and what a phenomenal decision that was! They will present their first live album 'Midnight Mass'. Do not miss this!

Our local antihero is blowing up worldwide after his 'From Womb To Doom' release. His dark and energetic performances have brought him nothing but fans. His latest release features glam-rock singer Vin Weazzel and is racking up the views next to his 'The Reflex' remix. This goes to show that his twisted mind has more juicy synths and dark waves in store for us in the near future.

This Budapest based producer and DJ released his first album in 2014, but it was his 2018 album named Death & Glory that launched him to our must have list. His dirty, powerfull and in-your-face sound represent what darksynth is all about. Playing all over Russia, Slovakia and Poland he represents a true cyberpunk with a DIY mentality, partaking in multiple charity projects and sticking to a a pay-what-you-want method for his music and local shows all without the help of a label, sponsors or any high-ranking friends in the music industry.

DJ afterparty with:

This is a concert night so shows will start early!
Doors open at 19h

Megacorp demands 8 credits of your local capitalist currency
Outrun Antwerp presents: Lazerpunk, Neoslave and Carbon Killer
02/03JC Den Eglantier Berchem