Retro Future Fest Online Weekender 2020

Hours and date:
24/10-2020 at 6:00 PM
Youtube / Twitch
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The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world has had a detrimental effect on the music industry.

The team were disheartened that we couldn't get together Live in the Summer of 2020 but we are also excited to bring you the "Retro Future Festival - Lockdown Weekender" which is an online FREE to view streaming event Via Youtube and Twitch taking place on the Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of October.

Two days packed full of 80s, Synthwave and Dark Synth artists and other retro viewing for your pleasure along side ‘Project Retro Future’ to fundraise for Retro Future Festival 2021. (See Project Retro Future below).

Featuring Exclusive live sets from:

Absolute Valentine - Shredder1984 - Star Noir - Aeronexus - Powernerd - Megatronix - Power Rob - Synthia - Kenji Run - Cryocon - L.A Rock - The Phantom Division - Lee Chaos - Duracell Bunny - Jonny Lazer - Max Speed - Amazing Police - Dj Rob Green
with episodes of Arnie Nation and NRW Motors and sponsors from Lazerdisc records and Drive Radio

Full schedule to be announced on the 20th of October

The Future Of Retro Future Festival hangs in the balance and we need your help! The Team have been tirelessly working through Lockdown to save the festival in these uncertain times.

We got some seriously Rad rewards up for grabs, Discount on pre-sale single and group tickets for 2021, become a Trustee with lifetime VIP entry, the chance to win one-off collectable Retro future festival & artist memorabilia, Vouchers for our New brand of clothing, some amazingly intricate exclusive art prints from ZIRK, more food and drink than you can shake a stick at!

Click the link below to see our story and the rewards section for the full list of what's up for grabs!

Project Retro Future:

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More info coming soon!