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Hotline Bristol – Nina / Wolf Club

Hours and date:
04/06-2022 at 7:30 PM
Exchange Exchange, 72 - 73 Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0EJ
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Space Jams and Steel City Collective team up to bring you some Summertime Synthwave Splendour

A variety of popwave/ outrun/ retro wave artists with signature sounds invite you to dance the night away to give you a synthwave party you'll never forget. Including hot retrowave DJs, exclusive merchandise and giveaways and some of that addictive 80s aesthetic we can't get enough of. Line up includes:

NINA aka Nina Boldt is a German singer-songwriter. Her music is a fusion of Pop, New Wave and Electronic music, often nostalgic in spirit.Praised by critics and embraced significantly by the burgeoning ‘Synthwave’ and ‘Retrowave’ scenes, NINA earned the affectionate nickname “The Queen Of Synthwave”.
Performing live and producing records with a variety of artists, NINA has often been accompanied by regular collaborator Laura Fares aka LAU. The two artists have toured together worldwide. Although a frequent advocate of collaborations, NINA’s individual musical exploration is ongoing. Her influences and curiosity range widely from cinema, mythology, expressionism and spiritualism.

Comprise of Steven W O L F, Chris W O L F and Tim W O L F. They grew up together and spent their summers producing demo tapes emulating 80’s synthpop tunes in a loft in Nottingham. Their sound is a hybrid of Summery Synthwave, Indie Rock-Pop and Electronic Dance-inflected melodies.
Signed to NewRetroWave records, their latest album reached Number 7 in the American Billboard Dance Charts, Number 9 in the Itunes Electronic Dance Charts UK, and Number 10 in the Itunes Electronic Dance Charts in America. Their songs have been featured on CH4 and the BBC and have millions online streams. They have performed at various music festivals and Venues across the country.

Synthwave & Talkbox with a backdrop of 80s beats. It's Pretty Awesome!
The music of Beckett is inspired by the movie soundtracks and lifestyles of the 1980s. It’s a clear love for the electronic palette of synthesizers, drum machines and studio electric guitars infused with Miami sunsets, L.A Neon and the glamour of 80s fashion.

Brandon is an electronic producer of synthwave / retrowave music – music that aims to capture the iconic sounds of 1980s pop and electronic music, while throwing in a few modern production techniques to create a sound that is nostalgic, yet somewhat fresh at the same time.
The 80s is often defined as being the decade of ‘excess’, and Brandon aims to capture that in his music by fusing bright synth-leads with funky guitar riffs and larger-than-life old-school electronic drums

PLUS more to be announce- so watch this space!
Hotline Bristol – Nina / Wolf Club