Tales From The Crypt 2 – Dan Terminus / Deadlife

Hours and date:
30/04-2022 at 8:00 PM
The Loco Klub Clock Tower Yd, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6QH
Tickets €15
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A darksynth event in the crypts of Bristol

It's back, it's bigger and it's badder. Space Jams & Steel City Collective team up once more to bring you another haunted night in the crypts of Bristol. Our headliners include the long awaited UK return of DAN TERMINUS, as well as the debut live performance from rising star DEADLIFE, with new support acts and returning ones. We are bringing you the UK's premier dark synthwave event once again.

Dan Terminus is a synthwave musician and producer from Lyon, France. In 2014 he self-released his first albums: The Darkest Benthic Division, Stratospheric Cannon Symphony, and the Rêverie EP. In 2015 Dan Terminus was picked by Finnish label Blood Music, who released his album The Wrath of Code. Two and a half years later in 2017, Dan Terminus released a follow-up album Automated Refrains, under the Blood Music label.

Raised in his "grim, rundown" hometown of Crewe, UK, DEADLIFE would spend hours locked away in his room playing games. He has always loved the music from those games and the influences of the stylings can be seen mirrored throughout his work.
Between a vivid imagination and a sensitive side, the producer knew that he would come to express his unspoken emotions via the best channel he knew: music. An electronic musician with a classical background, he formed and played drums in a band, playing numerous tours, before he discovered band life wasn’t for him as he felt held back creatively. With the driving forces of ambition and passion, DEADLIFE began to explore the world of music production.
His debut album, Bionic Chrysalis was selected as Best Synthwave Album 2017 by MetalSucks, and he had two albums ranked in the US Billboard’s Electronic Album Sales chart top 20 in August 2019. His album Singularity was voted best Darksynth Album 2019 by followers of Russia based label Retrowave Touch.
Tales From The Crypt 2 – Dan Terminus / Deadlife
30/04The Loco Klub