Teeside Cyberpunk Convention 2019

Hours and date:
07/11-2019 at 3:00 PM
Multiple venues MIDDLESBOROUGH
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The Teesside Cyberpunk Convention 2019 celebrates the importance of Teesside’s industrial landscape and the rain of the North of England on Ridley Scott’s vision for Blade Runner and the film’s subsequent influence on the cyberpunk genre.

The convention is a four-day event consisting of screenings, keynote addresses, talks, debates, workshops, markets and dystopian music nights.

We will also delve into the current electronic/dystopian/experimental music/performance/gamer/cosplay, and AV underground scene on Teesside and the NE of England.

Most of all though, this is an event for the fans!

We want to invite the fan community to meet each other, discuss, debate, view, and party in all things Blade Runner and Cyberpunk on Teesside, the place that had so much influence on Ridley Scott and Blade Runner.

You may want to come and just take it all in, but there will be opportunities to participate so please look through the GET INVOLVED section.

We have been busy putting our programme together and will be adding further names and events over the coming months.

Have a better one.

Cyberpunk Team