ULTRA presents: Lone Wolves

Hours and date:
26/06-2020 at 7:00 PM
Green Door Store 4 Trafalgar Arches, No.2 and 3, Brighton, BN1 4FQ, UK
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Titanic Synthwave show featuring international and home grown artists. Enter into a nostalgic dreamworld of 80s inspired Electronic music.

About this Event

Millennium Falck
What do you get when you mix Daft Punk and David Hasselhoff? It’s Millennium Falck, who travelled from the future of Helsinki 2080 to our time. His music will make you dance, laugh and cry. Millennium Falck is a time traveller, audio wizard and a one man powerhouse for getting the party started. With over 20 years of experience in music production and gigs, he is a sure pick for any kind of gig you can imagine. Millennium Falck has released 10 songs during the past year + numerous collab songs with artists from Sweden, Russia, Japan and UK. Music styles: Nu-disco, synthwave, outrun, future funk

Levinsky is Finland's harbinger of distinctly cinematic, melodic and dark synth music, gaining a steady and organic supporter base around the world. His "arthouse" style and performances are regarded unique in the Finnish scene. He draws inspiration from the world of cinema (such as the classic Italian "gialli", thriller, horror and sci-fi movies), visual arts and literature. Known to be musically ambitious, he continuously seeks fresh inspiration and influence "outside the box" whilst holding dear luminaries such as Kate Bush, Jean-Michel Jarre, Goblin, Vangelis, Perturbator, Air and Tangerine Dream. On 28th June 2019, he released his progressive and daring full-length album “Electra Complex”, a follow-up to 2018’s debut EP “Method to the Madness”. His next EP offering "Nocturnes" will be released early 2020.

Chris Keya
Chris Keya ( aka Christian Caruso ) is a music producer based in Rome, Italy. Chris started his music career as a rock & metal guitarist and then became fascinated by electronic music. His sound is a mix between various genres including Techno, Cyberpunk, EBM & Industrial.

Daniel Adam
Brighton based Synthwave Artist Daniel Adam performs his own brand of Dark Anthems, Cinematic Soundscapes and Techno Trance. His music has been featured in TV and Film, by the BBC and can be found on several albums from as far awide as Miami, Germany and Amsterdam to name but a few. Daniel Adam's songs have been broadcast on radio and remixes of his work have been performed in clubland across the globe. Daniel Adam is currently showcasing songs from his Third album release Where The Waves Meet and his forthcoming album Trans Am Death scheduled for release in early 2020.

ULTRA presents: Lone Wolves
26/06Green Door Store