Carbon Killer – Interview

Hailing from Bordeaux, the winemaking region of France, Carbon Killer delivers his dark synthesised music, infused with cyberpunk and electronic rock, straight to our ears and souls. I found out [...]

Primorph – Interview

Steel City Collective recently had a good chat with Darksynth and Video Game Music Producer, Primorph - AKA Gareth Lumb. We discussed his life, musical background, influences and generally found [...]

Chris Keya – Interview

Chris Keya is a musician and producer from the city of love, Rome, Italy. Starting his musical path as a guitarist and contributing work for various bands, Chris has turned [...]

The Goondock Saint – Interview

Hailing from Muenster, Germany, the Goondock Saint is one of the most intriguing and enigmatic acts in the synthwave community. If you delve deeper into his world, you'll  uncover a [...]