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Lunar Arc (ft. King Stephen)
  1. Aeronexus Lunar Arc (ft. King Stephen)
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Mecha Maiko – Interview

Mecha's brand new EP, Okiya, was released in January 2019, and we decided to learn more about the EP and and find out what other side projects Hayley is working [...]

The Retro-Future Collective

A Sheffield based collective sharing the best in synthwave content, to help grow the scene in Sheffield and the UK.  We promote gigs and events and offer a platform for bands, DJs and artists to promote themselves. We hope to collaborate and encourage one another to produce, design, and be part of something special, as well as celebrate all the great work on the Synthwave scene. If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, then please do get in touch!


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Calling all Synthwavers!

We’re looking for collaborators and fellow synthwave enthusiasts to join us on this journey and really get this scene moving.

We want to promote and share your content. Whether you’re an artist, DJ, musician, promoter or just in to the synthwave scene, we’d love to here from you. We’re also looking for synthwave acts and DJs to play at our live gigs.

If interested- simply submit your details using the form adjacent form and we’ll be right back to ya!